I'm a keen observer of people, emotions, and behaviors. I combine that empathy with my unique personal background to accurately and convincingly showcase the best in people and their companies.

Denise Faddis

Born and raised in Colorado I've witnessed the view from the top of many 14ers, seen incredible concerts at Red Rocks (Top three: Bjork, Gogol Bordello, Foo Fighters) and can handle camping in the cold. I've enjoyed living in Denver, Portland, Austin, and Astoria, and have met amazing people in each city. I'm currently based in beautiful Bend, OR.

I help to build teams, brands, and profits with a mix of positivity, passion, and creativity. I respect hard-working, honest, impassioned people and find a genuine satisfaction in helping them showcase and share it.

I’m curious and creative by nature and enjoy learning about others. As a lover of humanity and observation, I consider myself a true listener and connector of people and resources. I’m someone that follows through and makes things happen (and with age have learned to wait for the right pitch to swing). If I come up with an idea I work tirelessly until I have some tangible plans on how to implement it.

I can adapt to most situations and thrive working under pressure. I prepare for situations that can be foreseen and draw on my experience for ones that can’t. I have compassion for others and I find joy in their happiness. I’m quick to tell people when they have done a good job and I find strength in seeing others succeed and overcome adversity. I choose to be positive and optimistic and prefer to surround myself with like-minded people.

My integrity and passion are what drive my success. I have a keen eye for aesthetics and composition. I am open-minded and enjoy learning and evolving. I’m quick to admit if I have made a mistake but I admire teachers that offer a chance for a lesson and an opportunity to try again.

In have been employed as an Art Director, Creative Recruiter, Account Manager, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Agency Project Manager. I committed to specializing in each role and continue to draw on that experience as a writer and creative lead. I have worked for global corporations and local small businesses.
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