Lit by the Moon

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I love music. I love that people from all over the world come together to enjoy music. As the publisher of TUSK, I'm lucky to connect with great new artists that inspire me. Today I want to share some music with you for your Tuesday morning. Laura Carbone is a perfect Lit by the Moon artist and I hope you enjoy her self-written EP "Stigmatized". Learn more about Laura at

– Denise Faddis


An excerpt from Laura's website :
Laura Carbone – the Adrenalin-queen of contemporary Pop-Underground – She could be a daughter of Courtney Love or Lydia Lunch. Laura Carbone is best known as front singer of German Electro-Punk band DEINE JUGEND. Being a charismatic musician and a fashion-blogger in one person, Laura has roughed up the social media blogsphere in the past month. Now she proves her skills in songwriting with the debut of her self-written EP “Stigmatized”. Lauras voice has always been sultry and thrilling, but her music has a dreamy side but also a rockin` side. Its an unorthodox marriage of 80s Indie rock and Pop music. Being inspired by artists like The Smashing Pumpkins or The Cardigans, Laura surprises with a chemistry of bristling lyrics, whispered harmonies and the fragile guitar of bandmate and producer Tim Bonassis.  

Friday's Lit by the Moon Song Pick

Today's Lit by the Moon music pick is "Don't Swallow the Cap" by The National. I love this beautiful song – it gives me butterflies in my stomach. It makes me want to run through a new city in the middle of the night with my love and learn every deep dark secret he has (A la Before Sunrise circa 1995, watch it Sunday morning if you haven't seen it yet). Learn about The National and discover more tracks, click here. 

Another Form of Communication by Denise Faddis
His breath on the back of my neck gives me chills. My body tenses with excitement as I instinctively predict his next move. We have talked, everything that needs to be said has been said. We are out of words and need another form of communication. 

– Denise Faddis