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I love music. I love that people from all over the world come together to enjoy music. As the publisher of TUSK, I'm lucky to connect with great new artists that inspire me. Today I want to share some music with you for your Tuesday morning. Laura Carbone is a perfect Lit by the Moon artist and I hope you enjoy her self-written EP "Stigmatized". Learn more about Laura at http://lauracarbone.com/

– Denise Faddis


An excerpt from Laura's website http://lauracarbone.com/ :
Laura Carbone – the Adrenalin-queen of contemporary Pop-Underground – She could be a daughter of Courtney Love or Lydia Lunch. Laura Carbone is best known as front singer of German Electro-Punk band DEINE JUGEND. Being a charismatic musician and a fashion-blogger in one person, Laura has roughed up the social media blogsphere in the past month. Now she proves her skills in songwriting with the debut of her self-written EP “Stigmatized”. Lauras voice has always been sultry and thrilling, but her music has a dreamy side but also a rockin` side. Its an unorthodox marriage of 80s Indie rock and Pop music. Being inspired by artists like The Smashing Pumpkins or The Cardigans, Laura surprises with a chemistry of bristling lyrics, whispered harmonies and the fragile guitar of bandmate and producer Tim Bonassis.