Easy and Healthy Summer Snack Idea

Easy and Healthy Summer Snack brought to you by Journey East of the Sun. Delicious Snack Made From Edamame, Golden Raisins, Carrots, and Sunflower Seeds. Simply mix them up with a little olive oil and sea salt. Place on cookie sheet covered in parchment paper and bake at (around) 400 degrees for 15 minutes. – Denise Faddis


Having a Bad Day? 5 Easy Ways to Feel Better Fast

1. Do something useful. 
I don't care what it is, but make time for something useful. Clean your house, weed your garden, cook a healthy dinner...just get something checked off your to do list that will make you feel more accomplished. 

2. Do something nice for someone else.
Think of a few simple ways to brighten someone's day. Could a family member use a quick phone call? How about a text to a friend letting them know you think they are awesome and you're glad they're in your life? Or maybe just sit with your favorite furry friend and give them a focused scratching. 

3. Get physical. 
Find a few minutes to do something that makes you connect with your body. Stretch, do some basic yoga, hula hoop, meditate, have sex, rub your feet and hands, jog in place and wave your arms around – it doesn't mater what. Taking care of our bodies should be our number one goal. If you're lucky enough to be well, make sure to keep it that way if you can. 

4. Let it out.
Take five minutes to journal about what's eating at you. Let it all out and try to let it go as easy as the pen bleeds ink on to the paper. Remember, there are many levels of "bad" and everyone you know has gone through pain in their lives. Everyone. You can try to measure the level of pain and compare it to others, but ultimately pain is pain and as humans we all feel it. I've had to learn in my life to acknowledge my pain and allow it to wash over me so that it can eventually wash away. There is hurting across our planet that can bring us to tears and make us feel helpless. That doesn't mean the simple fight you had with your boss or your frustration with your 2-year-old is not difficult and stressful. By journaling and writing it down we take the time to feel it and understand the situation better. After you get it all out, take a few minutes and list all the things you are grateful for. 

5. Go outside.
It doesn't have to be for a long stretch of time, but try to go out in nature for a few minutes. Look around and just connect with the life happening all around you. Every living thing is trying to make it, trying to survive, working on growing. You are no different than a tiny plant doing it's best to grow a new flower or the bird in the sky looking for food to feed it's young. Give yourself a break and find a way to enjoy the journey. 

Or if 1-5 just aren't cutting it - go look at some fun photos, listen to some great music and get inspired by poetry, click here! 

Denise Faddis