Client: Jill Cappuccio, One of a Kinds and Limited Lines

Jil Cappuccio is a clothing designer specializing in one of a kinds and limited lines currently based out of San Fransisco, California.

Role: Website Design and Creation (Dreamweaver) and Product Photography (2011)

Telling her story

It was important to me that I both accurately represented the client's designs as well as her shop aesthetic and personality. I incorporated photos I took of her shop into the background of each web page. When approaching the photography I wanted to build a cohesive look and feel that included both straightforward product photography as well as lifestyle shots. Working with Jil, I was able to showcase her current clients as models.

Jil gave me access to her shop and clothing so I could bring her story and my creative vision to life -- showcasing her beautiful and unique creations one piece at a time. When all was said and done, I had completed just under ten photo shoots and provided the client with all edited images that could be used for marketing or other applications as needed.