Client: Total Body Wellness

Total Body Wellness is a Massage, Pilates, and Wellness Coaching studio located in the Golden Triangle Neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. They are a group of highly educated, multi-skilled, experienced, and mindful wellness educators.
Role: Creative Direction, Branding, Logo Design, Website Design, Web and Marketing Copy, Photography, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, and Coaching.

With Total Body Wellness, I started off by creating a well thought out logo and brand concept that I could incorporate into the wide range of marketing collateral I knew the client wanted to create. The client wanted a clean and elegant design style that felt welcoming, soothing, natural, and professional. For the logo, I incorporated the T, B, and W from the business name and created a symbol using those letters that artistically represented a person sitting in meditation with their hands on their knees. The center line, the bottom of the T, represents the spine, sitting up straight and aligned, representing both Pilates and Massage. I created a serene and modern color palette that worked as a beautiful backdrop for the bold and modern logo icon.

For the website, the client decided to have me create a customized Square Space site so she could easily make text adjustments on her own as needed and we could easily add additional pages for upcoming workshops.

Email and social media graphics

I created a handful of relevant and on brand email and social media graphics that the client could incorporate into posts. I created 5 unique MailChimp email templates that the client can easily edit monthly. I taught the client how to best edit in MailChimp so the emails would look sharp and stay on brand even as content changed. Concerning social media, I taught the client about basic promotions, hashtags, and networking.

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TBW_Denise Faddis

Business card and services Menu design


The client recently started offering retreats and workshops, partnering with apartment complexes and other suitable venues. I created custom graphics and a corresponding web page that incorporates both the look and feel of Total Body Wellness as well as the venue's brand. 
I wrote copy and created taglines including Refresh, Relax, Renew, "You Won't Believe What A Difference A Day Can Make", "Set yourself up for success with this informative and fun retreat! Just one day can have you feeling refreshed and ready to commit to your wellness practice throughout the busy fall and winter seasons. "