Show up for others with the strength in numbers

Try to block the negative chatter (politics, advertising, stress...) and focus on the little things you can do to improve your life and the lives around you. You can and should get involved and champion what you believe, but remember if you are in a negative place and your energy is focused on hostility and drama, you will only add to that negative collective.

Start with yourself and then shine your light outwards.

Often times it's the little things that can make a huge impact. For example, I was in a fast food restaurant with Shane on Saturday to rent a movie (yes, I still watch movies on DVDs). A man came in that was acting very erratic. He walked up to order and proceeded to act strange and started to say "gimmie a f'ing chicken sandwich" to the young woman behind the counter. She was noticeably uncomfortable and did her very best to handle the situation. If fact, I was proud and impressed with her for telling him in a very professional manner that he could not speak to her like that but she would be happy to take his order. She was the only worker behind the counter and I knew she felt alone. Shane and I had been paying attention to the situation since the moment he walked in. We both felt an immediate need to step up and make sure she knew we were both there and present if she needed us. I moved in a little closer and made eye contact with her and gave her a look that said "we have your back" she smiled and winked and stood a little taller and was able to better handle the situation.

We can do this anytime we are in public and see someone being put in an uncomfortable situation for any reason. If someone is being bullied or threatened move in closer, let them know they are not alone and find strength in numbers. I have numerous stories from when I was a teenager and worked in a coffee shop and would have certain people be inappropriate or make me uncomfortable. I was so grateful for kind souls, both strangers, and my regular customers, that would step in and show me protection and kindness. I now give it back whenever I can. We are all in this together. Much love. 

-Denise Faddis