Real change comes from being consistent with small actionable steps

It's that time of year, the time you're supposed to step up, lean up, build up, make new goals and work tirelessly to obtain them. That's an excellent way to feel over it all and totally burned out by February 1st.

I invite you to forget all that January jargon and instead gracefully and gently make your way into 2017.


Aww. Now doesn't that feel good?

The breath you took and the tension that just dropped out of your shoulders looks good on you! Now smile and repeat after me -- I am enough.

That's right, you are enough, just exactly as you are today in this very moment. Feeling behind from all the holidays and time lost at work? Still enough. Did you add a few extra pounds or bloat because of holiday goodies? Yep, still enough exactly as you are, tight pants and all. Feeling guilty for not spending enough time with family or drained from too much time with them? Let it go -- the guilt, the pain, the need to be more than you are at this very moment and start by simply remembering you are enough. Give yourself permission to love yourself exactly how you are at this moment. Then and only then can you work towards having the mental space, energy, and confidence to reach your next goal.

For 2017 I'd like to suggest to you a fresh way to approach the New Year. I propose a two-month bridge built to soften the blow and gently guide us into our best selves for the coming year. I'm not sure why any of us thought it would be a good idea to go from vacation and celebration mode with friends and family to strict diets, resolutions, and early mornings at the gym. After all, the start of the new year does not take away the cold weather, lack of light, or need to feel comforted and cozy. Unless of course, you live somewhere warm and sunny.

So for this January and February enjoy your Uary Bridge. Think of yourself as a seed still nice and snuggly under the soil. You're doing the work -- taking in nutrients, getting watered and even feeling the richness of the sun, but you have until March before you have to rise up out of the soil and share yourself with the world. You still have some time to nurture yourself and others and take it one gentle step at at time. I promise that if you remember that you are enough, and set simple and tangible steps to reach your goals, you will have your best year yet. Real change comes from being consistent with small actionable steps.

Much love, 

3 Gentle Ways to Enjoy your Uary Bridge:

1.Instead of jumping into a major new workout routine that can feel jolting, try some at home yoga videos on for size. I'm a huge fan of Yoga with Adriene. She just released a new 30-day yoga challenge and you can jump on board today. If you prefer running or going to the gym, start by adding one extra day a week from what you're already doing.

2. Introduce one new healthy habit or business goal a week instead of implementing a major overhaul.

3. Nurture yourself -- give yourself lots of water, sunshine, and time to grow.

Chances are good you're probably already taking plenty of positive and beneficial steps to keep balance and joy in your life, so keep up what you're doing and slowly add next steps that eventually become second nature. 

Bonus: Have some fun! January doesn't have to be the month of resolve and willpower. Watch a funny movie with a loved one, take a long winter walk, go sledding, dance in your living room and enjoy the last few months of winter.


Photography by Denise Faddis