It has been my honor and good fortune to work with and learn from some of the very best in the business. They were good enough to write me a few recommendations. 

Denise is without a doubt, one of the best humans I know. She genuinely cares about everyone she encounters and has a way of bringing a positive energy to any situation. She brings a calm confidence and voice of reason to what for some, may be a stressful or challenging situation.

I had the pleasure of being her work partner for almost 2 years with Mathys+Potestio. Denise helped me grow immensely as a recruiter and account manager and gain confidence in myself and my abilities. She is an outstanding talent evaluator who has a knack for identifying the right fit for candidates and genuinely has their best interests at heart.

In addition to excelling as a talent evaluator, she is a creative herself. Her experience as a photographer, designer, etc. brings a credibility to the room when reviewing and advising job seekers.

I know Denise will be successful at whatever she puts her heart and mind into. If you have an opportunity to work with Denise in any capacity, you will be forever grateful that you had the chance to do so.
— Dave Couzens, Nike Division Director, Mathys+Potestio
Denise’s creative eye is unique, professional and on-target. Her ability to take the mundane and turn it into a thing of beauty is just one of her traits that I admire. Her service and people skills were a fantastic asset and are missed.
— John Harris, Marketing Advisor Helping Individuals & Consumer Friendly Companies Find Their Potential
Denise Faddis is an exceptionally adept creative person, skilled in visual presentation for print, online, displays, and more. She provides award-worthy visual solutions, and those solutions meet the business goals set out for them. Above all, she is great to work with: good feedback, positive questions and answers, and always a positive attitude. I would work with her again gladly and recommend her without reservation.
— Rob Neilley, Editor
What would I do without Denise!

I met Denise Faddis shortly after moving to Austin. She is incredibly warm and friendly, and at our first meeting I could tell she genuinely cared about helping me find a great job, the right job. Not only did Denise instill confidence in me and my abilities at a time when endless job applications were wearing on me, she also gave me the peace of mind that the person who was going to bat for me was someone who truly believed in me.

Throughout the time I was contracting through Mathys+Potestio, Denise was regularly in touch with me and my supervisor, making sure we were both happy with how things were going. Although my supervisor and I were both excited to have my contract position transition to full time, we confided in missing the check-ins from Denise.

Thankfully, I still have the pleasure of knowing Denise as a mentor and a friend. I would recommend anyone looking to find a job or to fill a job opening to contact her.
— Rachael Smith, Program Manager at the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development
Some individuals seem like a good fit for a position and then later disappoint. Others lack the titles on paper and subsequently amaze. Despite the absence of magazine experience, Denise held nothing back in her interview with Canon Communications and proved to be one of the smartest hires we ever made.

Her first responsibility was to redesign a 13-year-old publication, much beloved by its readers but badly in need of a more contemporary look and feel. She partnered with editorial, sales, and production to get into the mindset of Injection Molding Magazine’s readership and create a clean, organized presentation—all without ever having designed a magazine page.

With minimum direction, Denise quickly learned the difference between designing for trade show booths, ads, and other print media and creating a cohesive, readable magazine layout. I was continually impressed by her professionalism and desire to find just the right look that pleased everyone—both those requesting the work and the final audience. She was receptive to suggestions and accommodating to requested changes, and handled direction from multiple sources with competence and grace, coming up with inspired alternatives.

During her time at Canon Communications, Denise designed magazine layouts for Injection Molding Magazine and Modern Plastics Worldwide, and also worked on promotional materials for advertisers as well as digital products for the titles, including banner and blow-in ads. She would come to the office in the morning after spending much of the evening turning over ideas for a new project, excited that just the right concept had emerged. Work didn’t end when she went home at the end of the day.

Denise’s creativity expands beyond design; I discovered through my three years of working with her that she has a gift for accurately interpreting human nature and recognizing what and when something special is needed, independent of medium. I’m pleased to give Denise Faddis my highest recommendation.
— Amie Chitwood, Managing Editor
Working with Denise is always a pleasure. She is the perfect combination of intelligence and heart. I leave every meeting feeling inspired and motivated. She truly cares about you and the success of your business.
— Shannon Briese, Owner, Total Body Wellness
Denise was transformational for my business. She moved us forward....a lot. If you are reading this you may be looking to hire Denise in some capacity. You will find Denise to be smart, dedicated, hard working and she has a good heart. She can account manage, project manage, design, code, photograph....and she will do it all well. You will be happy and impressed. Trust me.
— Steve Potestio, Partner and CEO at Mathys+Potestio
Denise has a magic eye for all things artistic. She’s a pro. I dig her work and hope to work again with her in the future...
— C. Vincent Plummer, User Experience Designer at Return Path
Hiring Denise is a great decision, one for which you will be congratulating yourself for years to come. I am very willing to call you at your convenience, on my dime, to tell you why I believe this so strongly. Employers know that the soft skills and intangibles that cannot be quantified on a resume are in fact the ones that separate ‘gets the job done’ employees from people such as Denise. Beyond the technical competence you no doubt require, Denise brings a superb work ethic, is an expert at juggling multiple projects with aplomb, works well in a team or alone, needs no supervision and only minimal guidance (or none, if you’re in a hurry—-she’ll develop a perfect product on her own). Couple all of that with her outgoing and positive personality, and you’ve the makings for the perfect colleague. Denise is a force multiplier—-she makes the rest of the team even better.
— Matt Defosse, Editor-in-Chief, Canon Communications
Denise was instrumental in setting me off on the right foot in Portland. From word one, you can tell how much she genuinely cares about affecting others’ lives in a positive way. She’s a creative force, and cements positive values in any organization she’s a part of.
— Nick Mendez, Social Media, Photo and Video Production
Denise was an awesome project manager for Spot, keeping both the internal team and clients on track. For multiple projects at a time, she organized all the details, kept the Spot team motivated, inspired clients to stay excited about their projects, and ensured everything stayed within budget and on schedule. I’d love to work with her again in the future!
Since meeting Denise at a nonprofit design hacking event over a year ago, she has come to be an amazing mentor, inspiration, and friend. She has helped me in so many ways through connecting me to creatives in the industry, giving me great advice, and taking the time to listen and truly care about my career path. Her creativity energy and pursuit of creative outlets has consistently been an inspiration to me and I am amazed at all of the things that she accomplishes.
Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Denise will be lucky to do so. She will continue to inspire you and root for you no matter what you do.
— Page Jensen-Slattengren, Junior Creative at Emergent Order
From the very first conversation, I could set Denise apart. She took the time to assess my strengths, weaknesses, what I feel passionate about, and my life goals. All essential ingredients to finding a job you feel at home, in the creative landscape.

Her knack at understanding where my abilities and her skill as a recruiter was evident within two weeks, when she got my first interview at Nike. Followed by several high profile interviews, in quick succession.

Each time, I learned a great deal and could count on Denise’s coaching and guidance. Like: preparation, what questions to ask, how to present your work etc. All which in turn, helped me immensely to secure my current employment.
— Mac Pattinikutti, Interaction Designer at Live Axle
Denise Faddis is exceptionally talented and skilled in many creative aspects of the publishing field. Denise approached her projects in a thoughtful, thorough, professional manner and results were fresh, interesting and always on target. She was an inspiration and a joy to work with and a true creative.
— Marti Randolph, Production Manager at The O&P EDGE
Denise Faddis is a woman of amazing creativity and passion. She is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and create something that always seems to help others. I have always been amazed at what she will dream up next to do in her life. I admire and respect her and would love to work with her on any project. Working with Denise has always been a joy. I can’t wait to see what she will create next!
— Kathy Bacon, Radio Host