Denise Faddis
Founder, space studios
2017 to present

Under the umbrella of Space Studios, I work with individuals and companies as a consultant, creative partner, and coach. Additionally, I'm an author, speaker, and radio DJ. Previously employed as a Creative Recruiter, Account Manager, Art Director, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Agency Project Manager. I have committed to specializing in each role and yet straddle them all while bringing my whole being and abilities to work for my clients or personal enterprise.  

Previous Positions:

Creative Recruiter & Account Manager (portland),
Branch Manager (Austin), 


At M+P, I helped people tap into what's next for them in their creative career, facilitating and finding the right fit for employee and company. I took the time to understand company culture, strategic goals and matched both hard and soft skills required. 

I interviewed over 700 people during my four years with M+P and placed a record number of candidates for companies throughout Portland and Austin. 

I helped to grow the company as whole, trained new employees, and invested one year into establishing the Austin Branch. I worked closely with some of the world's most successful agencies and companies to help them source and evaluate creative talent. I managed key accounts, established new relationships, assisted with design and marketing initiatives, and managed all design roles for our Nike account.

I was M+P's second full time employee and played a key role in helping them to grow into one of the most successful creative staffing firms in the country. Currently they have 14 employees and thriving locations in Portland, Austin and L.A. 

I had the opportunity to work with and learn from an incredible team of people and assist some very fine humans with their job search; including career coaching, reviewing resumes, training interview techniques, and evaluating portfolios.   to

Founder and Creative Director,
East of The Sun

Creative Direction, Photography, Styling, Graphic Design, Copywriting and Marketing. I conceptualized and executed all aspects of the business. Balancing business with philanthropy, creativity with commercialism, and promoting style with a story. Supporting and empowering others while encouraging opportunity and lending a hand to handcrafted artisans. 

Project Manager, Spot Color Studio

Served as a liaison between clients and the entire creative team. Leading full-cycle projects for multiple accounts across various industries for an established creative agency. Collaborated with interactive team to clearly define and implement project scope and successfully meet metrics along the way. Created and implemented new processes to track multiple projects, making sure they were produced on time and on budget.

Freelance Creative Direction, Graphic Design, & Photography, FAddis Creative

Produced all forms of design including web design and digital graphics, editorial design, annual reports, brochures, retail graphics, displays, logos, letterhead, apparel graphics, posters, banners, and truck wraps. I also worked on creative direction, copywriting, branding, social media strategy, and video production and editing. Photographed media events, fashion shows and art openings. 


Designed all features and covers monthly. 

Photographed events and special features. 

Conceptualized and built videos for events and website features. 

Attended press checks and coordinated with production manager on publishing guidelines and advertiser’s color and brand guidelines. 

Prepared all files for production and assisted with explaining all design and production processes to advertisers and contributors as needed.


Conceptualized, produced, and published TUSK Magazine. TUSK is a digital magazine dedicated to spreading the word about individuals and companies working to create moving, unique, and genuine experiences in Denver and Portland through music, art, fashion, events, and more.

Managed and Published every issue, including conducting interviews, writing features, organizing all content, graphic design, photography, managing and hiring models, building sets and securing locations, event planning and marketing, collaborating and managing contributing writers, photographers, and interns, designing and producing the website and all content and updates. 

Executed an event to raise money for The Delores Project by connecting with TUSK featured artists and businesses to raise awareness and donations through a raffle that raised $1,200 in one evening. 


•Art Director for two monthly publications
•Complete magazine redesign
•Produced and presented design ideas to global team
•Implemented multimedia campaigns
•Researched markets and readers

Designed a daily newspaper for the world’s
largest plastics industry trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany

Managed the design of two monthly publications, coordinating competing production deadlines and independent teams of editors and contributors.

Collaborated with editors on story ideas, headlines, workflow, and publication guidelines. Actively listened to ideas and researched each story to create the most effective imagery and layout.

Worked with the Marketing Director on all extended design duties including annual media kits, sales support and collateral, in-house advertising - including print, video, and digital delivery, managing contract designers, marketing and attending trade shows, and event photography.


Worked as a liaison between in-house production team and approximately 200 accounts. 

Worked with agencies, galleries, museums, and independent artists from across the country.

Connected with production team as a fellow artist, understanding process and project scope as well as intricacies only someone with a background in design and production could effectively estimate, coordinate, and execute. 

Prepped files and checked client work for mistakes and inconsistencies.

Successfully tracked work orders and enforced time lines from both parties.

I had the good fortune to learn from an amazing team of people at Reed and will forever be grateful for the experience. 


Please visit my LinkedIn profile for complete job descriptions and recommendations. 


The Beginning


I've been working since I can remember. I painted and sold rocks to neighbors at 6, sold homemade caterpillar and teddy bear gift tags to my mom's bowling league friends at 10, and did hair shows and delivered flyers door to door at 14.

When I was finally old enough to get a real job at 15, I started working at a local bakery. After one year the bakery evolved into a robust coffee shop chain with a handful of locations around Denver. I had a chance to work at many of the locations. I worked there all four years of high school and I loved it. It was the 90's; the coffee scene was where it was at and the more unique and fun I dressed, the better. We were open late nights, and with my encouragement I was able to schedule bands, tarot card readers, and even started a chess club. I learned a ton about management and customer service and met some amazing friends along the way. 


Like many, I had to work throughout college to pay for school and household bills. Whether it was bartending, plant waterer (it's a thing), bridal shop attendant, receptionist, and even opening my own gift basket company, I was thankful for what I learned in every opportunity. 


Denise Faddis   I've been fortunate to work with and learn from a long list of talented colleagues and managers over the years. Without their wisdom, support, and inspiration, I wouldn't be where I'm at today.

Denise Faddis

I've been fortunate to work with and learn from a long list of talented colleagues and managers over the years. Without their wisdom, support, and inspiration, I wouldn't be where I'm at today.



In high school I started to take an interest in advertising and marketing. I've never been good at small talk but I innately understood how to connect with people in an honest and understanding way. That ability leant itself to many aspects of my creative and coaching career. I spent two years attending Metropolitan State University of Denver and completed general studies courses with a focus on Business Management and Marketing. Next I completed an Associate of Applied Science Degree at a small art school focused on graphic design. The school was very technical and although it didn't have a sexy name or brand, I was fortunate to have some amazing teachers that truly understood the industry and made sure I did too.

We had some time to explore fine art but mostly focused on marketing design, copywriting, and learning graphic design software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver and QuarkXPress. For those of you that never used QuarkXPress, it was the standard page layout program at the time. InDesign didn't come around until I was an Art Director a few years later. The program also taught us a great deal about the fundamentals of design and printing. This was in the late 90's /early 2000's and offset printing was still the standard. We were taught to be the type of designers printers love; we understood plate making, spot colors, Rubylith, knock outs, and were even taught paste up. Learning the real fundamentals of print and design has served me well throughout my career. 

Continuing EDUCATION

Later on when I was working as an Art Director for a communications company, I completed a continuing education Web Design and Development program at the Art Institute of Colorado. I took classes in the evening and really enjoyed learning more about digital design. 

My love for learning has never stopped and I've had the good fortune to complete a number of courses over the years. Including attending The Folio Show in NYC in 2005 and 2006. As well as completing a handful of course work in photography, lighting and business.