Book Release!
Project 128
One love. Two People. Eight Weeks. 

by Denise and Shane Faddis

About the Book:

Project 128 is a relationship workbook filled with fun, creative, sexy, heartfelt, and loving activities that are meant to bring already great couples even closer together.

Without any expectations or assumptions about a right or wrong way to approach your partnership, Project 128 offers a practical guide and companion for your journey together.

You will explore eight activities over an eight-week period to increase your overall connection with your partner. Whether you’ve been in your partnership for three months or thirty years, you can benefit from Project 128.

The two of you will have fun discovering each activity together—and ultimately rediscovering each other.

One dollar for every book sold will be donated to non-profit organizations that encourage positive family dynamics, education and support for victims of domestic violence, and children’s advocacy.

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$1 of every book sold will be donated:

“We hope that encouraging communication, openness, and understanding in partnerships will ultimately have a big-picture effect on the overall approach to how we as humans treat one another and encourage acceptance and love. For that reason, we have decided to donate one dollar for every book sold to one of the four nonprofits listed below. (The money will be distributed equally among all four organizations.) The list below includes the mission of each organization we are donating to. Please visit their websites to learn more.” – from Project 128

American Bar Association Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Our mission is to increase access to justice for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking by mobilizing the legal profession. 

The Harbor

The Harbor provides intervention, recovery, and support to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking…The Harbor is advocacy based and offers assistance with all parts of the abuse and freedom process from initial conversations with advocates where your risk is assessed, to medical and legal advocacy, to helping with emergency shelter.

The Delores Project

The Delores Project provides welcoming, low-barrier shelter and services for unaccompanied women and transgender individuals during times of homelessness. We believe that hospitality, respect, and regard for the dignity of each individual lay the groundwork for forming positive relationships leading to lasting change.

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV)

For more than twenty years, the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) has been a comprehensive source of information for those wanting to educate themselves and help others on the many issues related to domestic violence.
Through its key initiatives and special projects, NRCDV works to improve community response to domestic violence and, ultimately, prevent its occurrence. Our comprehensive technical assistance, training, and resource development are a few examples of the many ways in which NRCDV broadly serves those dedicated to ending domestic violence in relationships and communities.


If you have the time, feel free to check out our interview with Kathy Bacon on What's your Story? Radio. (Video Below) 

More Love.

Authors of Project 128, Shane and Denise Faddis   Our intention for this book is to offer loving couples a way to explore their own personal partnership and encourage couples to make a dedicated commitment to the evolution of their relationship.

Authors of Project 128, Shane and Denise Faddis
Our intention for this book is to offer loving couples a way to explore their own personal partnership and encourage couples to make a dedicated commitment to the evolution of their relationship.

About the Authors:

Shane and Denise Faddis live in Astoria, Oregon with a sweet old dog and even older "sweet" cat (RIP Sweet Pea 2018). They have been married since 1998. Shane and Denise that is, the dog and cat are still single.

After enjoying time in Denver, Portland, Austin, and Astoria, they are happily enjoying life in Bend, Oregon. Born and raised in Colorado, they have a love for nature and find themselves outside as much as possible.

Denise is an artist that combines photography, design, writing, and most recently film in her work.

Shane is a craftsman that intertwines his hands on ingenuity with technical know-how.

They enjoy hiking in the lush PNW forests, starlit bonfires on the beach, and late nights singing out of tune karaoke duets of "Islands in the Stream".

Their love for adventure has them trying everything from dune buggies to trapeze.

They have recently partnered to write Project 128, a couple’s workbook filled with practical advice for strengthening intimate partnerships. Their approach is practical, relatable, and honest.

While it will probably be tagged as a self-help book, that is not a completely accurate description. It really is a workbook, and where self-help books tend to be heavy on theory and light on actionable steps, Project 128 is the opposite. Project 128 has a friendly and conversational narrative voice, and the exercises as described are fun and relatable.

We didn’t write this book because we know all there is to know about relationships or because our partnership is without fault. We married young, and the path has not always been a smooth one. When we first got together, we felt an undeniable attraction and connection to each other—it honestly felt otherworldly. That was a great starting place. The confidence we had in our connection propelled us into an incredibly short courtship and marriage a mere five months after our first date.

We had the love, but we certainly didn’t possess all the tools needed. We learned—and continue to learn—along the way. Cue Aaron Neville: “Don’t Know Much” LOL.

In many ways, we helped raise each other, and that was both beneficial and challenging. While those early years were incredibly passionate, they were also quite volatile. We were both immature, and thus we involved our egos in our relationship. We were all too familiar with the concept of a thin line between love and hate.
— Excerpt from Project 128
Shane and Denise Faddis
Shane and Denise Faddis