I listen. I learn. I create.

I have an inherent ability to connect, put myself in your shoes, and showcase you in your best light. People trust me to tell their story because I'm honest, real, and I believe in them. My clients often wonder how what I have designed or written can so beautifully describe their point of view and story with accuracy and authenticity.

Step Away from Sameness


Editorial written by Denise Faddis
Painting above by Darren Orange

It’s easy to find conformity, and even easier to purchase it. Sameness has a siren call of convenience that draws people in and churns out trends. Those trends seep into the core of periods of time and creep up the walls of every home like overgrown ivy. Sameness stemming from mass production has its place but there is no better time of year to veer off of the beaten path than during holiday giving. Purchasing an art piece for your own home or a family member's is an investment, a statement, and scintillating step away from sameness. The depth of artists and range of mediums that you can select from in Oregon is close to unmatched. My list could go on and on, but for this post, I’ve narrowed my showcase to 5 painters. There are incredible photographers, fiber artists, silversmiths, designers and so many more to choose from here in Central Oregon and throughout the state. No matter where you live, you will find an abundance of artists thankful for your recognition of their contribution and insistence to create in a society that can sometimes diminish this honorable and challenging profession. A great place to support local artists in Bend is at The Workhouse.

DARREN ORANGE: Darren is a close friend of mine – he’s an accomplished artist and a genuinely damn good human being. His work draws me in with his bold use of color and light, and the raw grit and power that radiates from his pieces keep me in their hold. When you stand face to face with one of his larger pieces you slowly begin to feel engulfed and at one with the energy emitted – sharing space with his creation. Darren understands how to translate energy onto the canvas – his abstracts mimicking the feelings provoked in us that are less about what we see and more about what we feel. 
Find out more at www.darrenorange.com

SHEILA DUNN: I first saw Sheila Dunn’s work at the Workhouse in Bend. Her figure series was being showcased and I was immediately drawn to her pieces. Each one of her paintings, free and honest, reflect a woman beautifully holding her own space and Dunn pulling me into each story with every rhythmic stroke of paint. I felt like in a small way, through her work, I got to discover Dunn and I very much like what I’ve learned. Dunn’s understanding and use of color seem to showcase a vibrancy inside herself that makes its way onto her canvases. 
Find out more at www.sheiladunnart.com

NICHOLAS CAMPBELL: I randomly found Nicholas Campbell on Instagram and admittedly don’t know much about him. But what I did see got my attention and had me searching out more. Campbell’s paintings are genuinely alive and dynamic with color and complexity – his shapes and layers both masterfully and playfully combine. There is a freedom in his work I’m drawn to – and I’m looking forward to seeing his continued evolution.
Find out more at @nickodemos on Instagram

RODNEY THOMPSON: I’ve yet to see any of Rodney Thompson’s work in person, but I discovered him on Instagram and was immediately moved by his style, specifically his ability to capture men. His portraits of males seep the essence of each individual and shine a light on the complexity of their stories – stories that are probably not often told. Thompson has found a way to let his portraits, in one fell swoop, knock you over with a lifetime of information barreling through eyes that are anything but hollow.
Find out more at www.rodneythompsonart.com

MEGHANN HANOUR: When you view a Meghann Hanour painting in person it’s as though a source of energy lunges out of her life-size creations and wraps itself right around your heart, clutching it for just a moment, affecting every part of your body. Your breath first seizes, then it quickens. Your heart begins to race as though you unexpectedly saw someone you once knew but haven’t seen in what feels like a lifetime ago. Hanour’s ability to connect the past with the future, exquisitely understand and expresses the journey that is womanhood, and draw to the surface the emotions that unify our humanity, is extraordinary. And frankly, what she is capable of is just beginning to be unveiled. There is so much more to come from this artist, keep an eye out.  
One of the biggest honors I’ve ever had is sitting for her most recent work and discovering a cherished friend that I feel like I’ve known for lifetimes.
Find out more at www.patreon.com/meghannhanour


When you view a Meghann Hanour painting in person it’s as though a source of energy lunges out of her life-size creations and wraps itself right around your heart, clutching it for just a moment, affecting every part of your body. Your breath first seizes, then it quickens. Your heart begins to race as though you unexpectedly saw someone you once knew but haven’t seen in what feels like a lifetime ago. Hanour’s ability to connect the past with the future, exquisitely understand and expresses the journey that is womanhood, and draw to the surface the emotions that unify our humanity, is extraordinary. And frankly, what she is capable of is just beginning to be unveiled.
— Denise Faddis

Toast Wedding Films


Website and marketing copy for Toast Wedding Films
Written by Denise Faddis

Our dedication to artistry and storytelling draws you in, moves you, and brings your love story to life.

We've been honored to create wedding films for hundreds of incredible couples. Each one of their stories is distinctive and we pride ourselves on creating moving films that artistically convey those love stories. We believe your wedding is not just about one day. It’s about your story leading up to that day and the stories that will come after. Our films bring your day to life – allowing the two of you to relive every laugh, every tear, and every moment that went by in a flash. Your loved ones will thank you for allowing your celebration to serve as a legacy of family history for generations to come. 


We've tailored our packages to encompass everything needed to tell your story and our films beautifully deliver everything you will want to relive and share for years to come. We take care of every detail of your film, so you can focus on enjoying your day. Our experience has provided insight that allows us to combine generous offerings at a fair and competitive price while still closely listening to your input and vision every step of the way. 

Toast Wedding Films, a company owned and operated by artists, is a rapidly growing wedding company creating beautiful wedding films at a fair price. Toast prides itself on telling stories about people and not just capturing events. Our clients have entrusted us with capturing a pinnacle moment in their lives and we aim to tell their story with artistic integrity and attention to detail.


Conceptual Copy


Conceptualized and written by Denise Faddis

It’s time to start listening to our neighbors that come from different backgrounds, experiences, races, landscapes, genders, and political affiliations. Let’s let the hateful extremists and trolls fight in their mud throwing pig pen and rise above it together. Let’s search to find some common ground and work together to build bridges. Our diversity is what makes us unique. We are not sheep; we are not pawns; we are not going to be divided. We are not weak-willed or incapable of working together. We are the backbone of this country. We do our part every day to contribute. We innovate, work hard, pay our taxes, fight for people in need, and come together when times are tough. In our darkness, we can only overcome with our collective light. We need farmers in rural areas - we need urban artists and poets - we need professors at universities - we need everyone spanning the gamut. This country was built on the backs of hard-working people, immigrants, slaves, men, women, and children. We have skeletons in our closet we must admit it and see ourselves as one, look at our reflection and acknowledge our frailty and mistakes and believe in our strength to overcome.



Maidens of the Pacific
Clothing Brand


Website and marketing copy for Maidens of the Pacific
Written by Denise Faddis


Are you a Maiden?

The dictionary defines a maiden as a girl or young woman, calling out that it’s often specifically an independent one. As an adjective, a Maiden is being or involving the first attempt or act of its kind, “the ship’s maiden voyage.”

I prefer a definition that is a loose combination of both, and then some!

As Maidens, we are anything but ordinary, and together we are as powerful as the sea itself.

Maidens of the Pacific is not a mass manufactured apparel and goods company. Everything I create is an extension of myself and thoughtful expression of who I am – as a woman, surfer, crafter, maker, artist, activist, and environmentalist. All of my graphics are hand drawn and hand screened by me in my studio in Astoria, Oregon. All Maidens of the Pacific apparel is made in the USA, and I make efforts to source locally to cut down on my carbon footprint.

My drawings come from my experiences in nature and my love for being outdoors. They find their way on to my apparel, patches, scarves, towels, bags and anything else my tribe might find useful. Useful! Fellow Maidens know the value of the products they purchase and consciously and with intention put their money where their heart is. Minimalists at heart, we support local artists creating products we can believe in.

I hope Maidens of the Pacific’s products make you feel alive, ready to live life to its fullest and enjoy your experience here on earth. My wish is that they encourage you to find joy and humor in the every day – gently nudging you to keep it light and silly when possible and to remember to make and share your own creations. I create for many reasons, but mainly and most simply, because I can’t do anything else. It’s who I am at my core and my most authentic self.

So, are you a Maiden?

You are a lover of nature and have a deep respect for mother earth. You explore her beauty and stand in awe of her magic.

You draw inspiration from helping others, serving your community and taking care of your local open spaces.

You choose the products you purchase carefully and mindfully and support fellow makers.

You explore life like a new trail – carefully observing and joyfully taking it all in.


Sara is an artist and maker. She has called Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon home. A self-taught surfer and retired Coast Guard cook, she has found her happiness making in the Pacific Northwest.


Land & Wire
Telecommunications Company


Website and marketing copy for Land & Wire
Written by Denise Faddis

Tag Line: Craftsmanship Meets Technology


Phone Technician.
Switch Programmer.
Systems Support.
Network Administrator.
Project Manager.

Yes, all of the above, but corporate titles don't solve problems or save your business time and money; 20 years of craftsmanship and ingenuity will.

Land & Wire's experience working for a range of industries, businesses large and small, and government agencies is evident and integral in our ability to find our customers honest, affordable, and fair solutions.

Our common sense approach and personal commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer service sets us apart time and again. We’re often called in to clean up careless work and short-term fixes suggested by others in the field. That’s where the mark of a true craftsman comes in. We find beauty in a well organized and correctly labeled phone closet, take pride in offering upgrades and solutions to your current phone system rather than selling you an expensive new version you don’t need, and satisfaction in teaching you how to better utilize what your company has already invested time and money in.


Land & Wire is a company committed to providing our customers with honest and fair solutions to their telecommunication needs. We believe technology should work for you in the way you want it to. In today’s world, available technologies are seemingly only bound by the limits of your bank account, but most people are simply looking for an affordable and basic answer to their telecom problem at hand. Land & Wire is here to provide that solution.

We have 20 years experience in the industry, and are ready to put that knowledge to work for you Whether you need a consultations and quote on a new state of the art office system, or simply need to know why the phone in the next room quit working, contact us today and get the results you are looking for. We have proudly been a part of the Astoria community since 2014.



Poetry and Creative Writing by Denise Faddis

Another form of Communication


His breath on the back of my neck gives me chills. My body tenses with excitement as I instinctively predict his next move. We have talked, everything that needs to be said has been said. We are out of words and need another form of communication. 

Rise to my Roots

The older I get, the more I appreciate my foundation. The roots that are only visible in the subtle curve of my nose or the curls of my hair. Roots that tie me to generations of strength, talent, and continued perseverance. With each year of my life lived, I experience more, visit new places, reach new goals, and meet new people; but the further I get, the closer I feel to my family. I'm reminded that my parents built an incredible and stable foundation built with loads of integrity, generosity, smarts, and hard work. I see my brothers and sisters breaking their backs to make my niece and nephew's lives better. I find hope and strength in helping them to reach their dreams --we will rise to meet them halfway. Kneeling to lift them, ready to see the next generation have the opportunity we didn't. In these veins, blood flows fueled with creativity, passion, strength, and beauty. Find strength in your foundation. Rise to your roots.

Bathe in the Light

I'm riding the waves with my King, stars and moonlit evenings turn into sunshine and light. Music and poetry keep us nimble and inspired. This epic experience called life provides me never-ending glimpses into the light that connects us all. I bathe in light, the strength of love, honoring the fragility keeping us humble and human, and the splendor of the natural world. 


Lit by the Moon
Clothing Brand


Conceptualized and written by Denise Faddis

Being Lit by the Moon means to celebrate who you are as a woman. It expresses the power and strength in all women. The connection we have to the tides and the phases of the moon. Just like the moon, we are powerful and vibrant and soft and reflective. Few males are ever truly able to capture the raw beauty of a woman. Men tend to put women in categories of character – Ginger or Mary Ann, Madonna or whore, strong or fragile. The truth is our beauty as women comes in our complexity. Our ability to be a glorious combination of unaffected and wild that is scarcely shared and can only be experienced when real intimacy is found. An intimacy that can only be reached when honored and fundamental respect for our gender runs deep in the soul of the man. Only when a woman honors and respects herself will she find a man deserving of the key. That key unlocks a level of energy that transcends gender entirely. Let yourself be free, let yourself be lit by the moon.



Creative Direction
Including Photography, Design, Copywriting,
Merchandising, Brand Development, Marketing and More.